How to read Chinese?

There are two types of Chinese characters, the original and more beautiful one is called Traditional Chinese (BIG5 encoding), which is used mainly in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and some tourist areas of mainland China. While the other Chinese is Simplified Chinese (GB encoding), which is used in mainland China and Singapore.

My website is in Traditional Chinese (BIG5 encoding.

For Internet Explorer users, IE5 will automatically download the necessary softwares you need to view Traditional Chinese, or you can download the language patch from Microsoft. Note that you can use it only if you have IE 4.0 or above.

For Netscape users, please download NJSTAR Communicator from NJSTAR. After installation, choose "Auto Chinese Traditional" from the menu. If your system can read Simplified Chinese, then you can use this service from YAM to convert my website into GB coding.

Language patch for IE users.
NJSTAR Communicator for Netscape users.
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