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Day of my Asian Trip 2004
Check my BLOG for more travel news.
+ [2006.6.11]
PAZU兒旅網成立於一九九六年六月十一日, 今年剛好是十週年, 但沒有甚麼慶祝, 而我正向西藏進發。
My website was started on 11th June 1996, ten years ago. But nothing much to celebrate and I'm heading to Tibet right now.
+ [2006.6.4]
從曼谷踏自行車終於來到金三角, 與Oat會合了, 打算明天坐船經緬甸和寮國, 三天兩夜之後就會到達中國雲南省西雙版納。看遊記請按這裡。
I arrived in the Golden Triangle from Bangkok by bicycle. Oat came here at last and we're going to take a boat to China passing through Myanmar and Laos tomorrow. It'll take around 3 days 2 nights to get to Xishuangbanna of Yunnan Province.
+ [2006.4.25]
After quite an extended period of stay, I finally decided to leave Bangkok. Now I'm planning to ride my bike to the northern part of Thailand first, then to Laos and Xishuangbanna of Yunnan, China. And perhaps I will also go to Tibet.
+ [2006.2.7]
+ [2005.8.10]
I'm now in Bangkok already. Just want to let you guys know that I won't update the English part of this News Flash anymore because you can check out more of my trip news in my BLOG. I'm sure you will find that more interesting than this simple box.
+ [2005.4.26]
Left Vietnam already, now in Savannakhet of Laos.
+ [2005.3.29]
Now in Hoi An of Quang Nam Province and my Vietnamese visa has only 8 days left, I have to rush to the border of Laos soon!
+ [2005.3.1]
在越南時間多, 放了些較詳細的地圖上網。請按這裡。
Nothing much to do in My Tho of Vietnam, I have just put some more detailed map on my travelog. Click here
+ [2005.2.25]
You may not believe it, I'm back in Vietnam again! Now in My Tho.
+ [2005.1.25]
在柬埔寨留了數天, 感覺很好, 人也很好。到了暹粒, 參觀吳哥, 放了一本Flash相簿上網, 請看看。
People in Cambodia are very friendly, I feel good! Now in Siem Reap and pay a visit to the world famous Angkor, I've upload a Flash album, have a look.
+ [2005.1.18]
還沒有心理準備要離開泰國, 但簽證到期, 不走不得了。我們會回來, kopkun krap!
I still feel like I should stay here longer in Thailand, but my no-visa stay expired today, no choice left but go. I'll be back, kopkun krap!
+ [2005.1.18]
還沒有心理準備要離開泰國, 但簽證到期, 不走不得了。我們會回來, kopkun krap!
I still feel like I should stay here longer in Thailand, but my no-visa stay expired today, no choice left but go. I'll be back, kopkun krap!
+ [2004.12.29]
家姐來了曼谷, 我又可以住好吃好, 四天而已。
My sister came to Bangkok and we went to some fancy restaurants, stayed at Holiday Inn, just for four days.
+ [2004.12.22]
Laos is really nice and people are friendly, but time is running short so I came back to Thailand after staying in Laos for only 3 days. Now in Khon Kaen again.
+ [2004.12.17]
Now at Nong Khai, the border town next to Laos. And I'm going to Laos capital of Vientiane for a short trip tomorrow, that's only 30km away from here.
+ [2004.12.13]
Arrived in Khon Kaen, the 4th largest city, a few days ago, it's about 160km away from Laos only, I'll go tomorrow. And I've uploaded some of my travel pics on the web, have a look here.
Now in Nakhon Ratchasima, about 250km away from Bangkok, heading up north tomorrow to Phimai.
仍在Ban Pho,明天往Nongkhai(泰國與老撾接壤邊城)出發,預計十天後到達。又加了三篇新遊記,請去看看
Still in Ban Pho County but I'm going to Nongkhai, the border town near Laos tomorrow, the trip will take about ten days.
身處泰國的Ban Pho縣,距首都曼谷八十五公里。加了三篇泰國遊記,請去看看
Already in Thailand for 6 weeks and now in Ban Pho County, 85km away from Bangkok Metropolis.
Made the first test run by bike from Bangkok to Ayuthaya (and return, 150km). By the way, I'm now in Thailand already.
I went from Hoi An to Hanoi and Sapa already and I'm going to Bangkok tomorrow morning by air.
呆在會安市。加了兩篇歸仁遊記, 請去看看
Already in Hoi An now.
仍然在歸仁市, 後天去會安。加了數篇歸仁遊記, 請去看看
I'm still in Qui Nhon, but going to Hoi An a day after tommorrow.
加了兩篇芽莊的遊記上網, 請去看看
I'm still in Qui Nhon.
Wasn't it too long to be in Nha Trang? I'm going to Qui Nhon tomorrow morning.
Arrived in Nha Trang, Central Vietnam.
I have uploaded some of my latest travelogs (in Chinese).
離開了美拖, 到達胡志明市。
I have left My Tho and I'm now in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
之前搞的那個小禮抽獎已經有結果, 大家可以去這裡看看抽獎片段
Here's a video of our previous lucky draw.
PAZU網成立於1996年6月11日, 今天是本網站八周年紀念日, 為了隆重其事, 送出Google Mail 一激電子郵箱乙個, 詳情請參考「開心幸運送小禮」。
Today's my website's 8th anniversary, there's lucky draw with one Gmail.com account, check this out here (details are in Chinese).
小剛剛的旅行日記不斷更新, 有中文, 英文, 日文及越南文, 大家去看看。小剛剛旅行世界
Kong Junior's Diary updates quite frequently these days, and there are Chinese, English, Japanese and Vietnamese, please come and have a look. Kong Junior's World.
來到越南除了旅行還有學越文, 把一些教材的介紹上了網, 請看看。越文參考資料
I came to Vietnam to travel and study Vietnamese, so have a look of my summary of some reference material for learning Vietnamese.
仍然在越南的美拖市, 遲些才把遊記放上網, 現在請各位先欣賞小剛剛的旅行日記
I'm still in My Tho of Vietnam, and I'll put some travelogs (Chinese only) later on my website. Now please take a look of the Kong Junior's World (photos + Chinese only).
已經回到美拖市, 在這裡會留一段時間, 並多學一些越南文。
Back in My Tho already and I'm going to stay here for some time to learn more Vietnamese.
身處越南歸仁, 但明天回去芽莊, 再過去美拖市。放了些相片上網, 請看看照片。
I'm still in Qui Nhon of Vietnam but going back to Nha Trang tomorrow and going back to My Tho soon. I've put some photos on the internet, check it out here.
仍然在越南的歸仁市。昨天早上和旅館的人一起去遊船河, 卻發生了一宗不算太嚴重的撞船意外, 船上有人擦傷, 船身部份損毀。看看照片, 前面的是我們的船, 後面的是撞我們的船。
I'm still in Qui Nhon of Vietnam. People in my guesthouse and I went for a boat trip last morning, but we got a minor accident. Fortunately we didn't get much injured but the boat was partly damaged. See the photo, the boat in front was our boat, the one behind was the boat that hit us.
薯伯伯現到了越南平定省的省會歸仁市, 在隆慶寺遇到一位想學中文的僧人, 而我又想學越南文, 每天便去交流交流。我現在住的旅館叫「沙灘上的芭芭拉」, 房間有個無敵大海景, 可以看到南中國海。
I've met a monk in Long Khanh Pagoda of Qui Nhon, Binh Dinh Province of Vietnam, who wants to learn Chinese, and I want to learn Vietnamese too, so we made a good language exchange partner. Now I'm staying at a guesthouse called Barbara's on the Beach, and I have a great view of the South China Sea from my room.