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Esmond 幪面超人日文版的歌詞真的很有趣,請繼續努力!我會經堂光臨。

那個歌詞係一位叫阿倫的網友寫的, 還有鐵甲萬能俠, 三一萬能俠等等, 不要錯過啊!
1997-03-29 14:17:00

Benny Lee none

哎, 咁就唔好打啦!
1997-03-29 12:46:00

Evildoer Hey, if you want more stupid storyor stupid song, I have many!!!By the way, your page is great and Ilike it very much!

你有甚麼stupid story/song啊?
1997-03-29 09:43:00

Li Chi Ho Your web site is really good! Thank you very much.Besides, I want to know some information about "Golden Warrior". Can you introduce a web site about that?

我都唔知有冇黃金戰士的網頁喎, 找到就通知你吧!
1997-03-29 04:27:00

VINCE CHEUNG your page is amazing! spent hours downloading all those songs. where did you get those kid songs from in the first place? is there a CD or something?

謝謝你花咁多時間係我個網頁, 你想知的東西, 可以在 FAQ 內找到答案的。
1997-03-29 03:46:00

Ah Yau How can you have so much these songs?Excellent website and I will introduce toall of my friends and pls keep it up.(Can you put the song "Color of wind" inyou site sooner or later bceause I like itvery much!!!!!)Bye Bye!!

風之色?? 甚麼來的? 還有, 你想知的東西, 可以到我的faq找到答案的。
1997-03-29 03:03:00

Justin I have downloaded many songs .Great !But the server has a little bit slow.If add more songs will be better.Thank you !

我會不斷加新歌的了, 留意今個星期日吧! (30-3-97), 會加入十多首新歌的! 另外, geocities的server係慢◥漱F, 冇法啦!
1997-03-29 01:22:00

三賢人 你的歌是怎樣抓來的。有這麼多。你有沒有<神勇飛鷹俠,touch,yaiba.>等等的歌。你的簽名簿有聲有色,十分之好。

你想知的答案, 可以在faq內找到的。另外你說的歌我都冇喎, 遲些有的話通知你吧!
1997-03-28 22:30:00

Gary Tang PAZU is my favourite. I have kept an eye on PAZU over 5 months. It makes me back to a child. I am really very grateful for your fascinating site. If you have time, would you put some photo on the site ? Would you tell how to record CD in form of Mp2 or Ra ? Lastly, I want to ask about how you can get so many songs.

PAZU係你的favorite?? 你鍾意我? 唔好啊!! :~ 要錄cd好易的, 只要在cd player一邊播cd, 一邊用recorder錄便行。至於要做ra, 可以到我的faq看看。至於photo嗎... 有空先啦!
1997-03-28 21:37:00

Dodson what a wonderful page! brought up a lot of childhood memories. songs are great, also very happy to see some cartoon characters which i've already forgotten.But I wish to View it too!! Is it possible??

嘩, 你都大想頭啊!! 邊度有咁多片段喎!
1997-03-28 17:57:00

Joshua This page is freaking good....Keep it up.

1997-03-28 12:30:00

Julian Wong I really love this homepage so much. Because it brings back my child's memory..Thanks!!! PAZU..:)

唔駛客氣! :)
1997-03-28 09:09:00

浩 南 This page Is CXXP

粗口不能出街, 請你自重!
1997-03-27 20:45:00

Chan So Man no !

噢! (都唔知你嗡乜?!)
1997-03-27 18:14:00

SimonS 嘩∼∼簡單一流啦,完全無械可擊!

1997-03-27 16:54:00

感然 那些歌詞實在太多錯字和別字了,希望網頁主人能好好改善!

謝謝你指出我網頁的錯處, 我有時間便會去check check 有冇其他錯處的了。 :)
1997-03-27 10:36:00

Adrianli Pazu,唔記得話比你聽"生命有價"係張兆鴻編曲添.唉!有人話16歲仲記得黃金戰士咁舊果d卡通添,我最遠都係記得淘氣小雪兒咋!真係好佩服果位仁兄咁好記憶力.

我去starzine的星網講場, 發覺D人的記性都好掂的!! 問乜歌詞都問到的!
1997-03-27 10:03:00

DASH 好正呀!簡直回復童真呀!好耐都未試過咁爽呀!

咁記得著番件衫喎, 小心著涼啊!
1997-03-26 21:48:00

Water Monster 水怪 Can I hear the songs directly? I've plug in Real Audio.Anyway, the songs really 好XX正!

這裡不可說粗口, 請你自重! (註: 原句的「XX」本來是粗口, 不過給我刪了。)
1997-03-26 18:06:00

Thomas 你好勁但係又好低B!!得閒睇下我的Homepage啦

1997-03-26 08:44:00

可愛杜比 嘩~嘩~嘩~你好西利呀!! 搵到咁鬼多咁正o既兒歌, 實在太感動喇!! 簡直係冇得彈呀!! 你真係好叻呀!! 你帶返好多o既童年回憶比我!! 好多謝你呀~! 問: 我可以錯過嗎?答: 不能!!!!!

無錯, 我的網頁係絕對唔可以錯過的!!
1997-03-26 04:41:00

Yenn You have definately put in lots of effort.Thanks! u're definately appreciated. Both the numerous songs and the great links were well-done.P/s is it possible to listen to midi files and read the lyrics? Could u add more midi files?Can u add the Jap lyrics of DARAEMON? I would be very grateful!! Thanks!!

我如果找到有關的midi便會加上去兒歌網的了, 另外, 其實我也有找過叮噹的日文歌詞, 不過真的好難找! 其實我都好想要!! 你有冇辦法啊?
1997-03-26 00:17:00

CRC 好懷舊

1997-03-25 23:29:00

Ronald 正!!! 正到爆! o岩晒我呢種懷舊派, 雖然我仲係好後生, o岩o岩十六歲, 尤其是黃金戰士, 電子神童, 高狄安... 呢D favourite, 當真令我猶如重返童年...正係難得你可以搵得到D歌... 小弟欽敬, 欽敬...我剛剛[偷]了你的icon去做我的網頁的quick link, 你不會介意吧! 歡迎光臨寒頁....

當然不介意啦!! 謝謝你添! :)
1997-03-25 22:09:00

Webb excellent

謝謝! :D
1997-03-25 15:51:00

Alex I like this web-page very much. This web-page is my favourite one. Could you please add "Valley of the Wind" to your list. I like this song very much. Thanx a lot.

我同你找找吧! 不過宜家未有住, 遲下先啦!
1997-03-25 14:24:00

Yo Yo 謝你幫我拾回童年回憶,我愛你!

唔好攪D咁o既野!! 我初過你! :p
1997-03-25 09:00:00

Kevin Very Very nice, can you tell me how can I create a homepage that can play a midi file by Nescape and also IE3.0, it is because the music room in my page doesn't work with use the netscape to broswe, do you know what wrong with it?

咁呢層我都唔係好清楚喎! 會唔會係個isp的server的問題架?? 你試下去問下你間isp或者去newsgroup問下人吧!
1997-03-25 07:36:00

Simon Nirvana

1997-03-25 04:04:00

高士比。星仔 勁!完全係完美組合!勁!完全係勁爆音樂!冇得彈呀!

唔好谷爆我!! :~
1997-03-25 02:24:00

超人A(ULTRAA) 好多舊歌都有,好正呀...

緊係多啦! 唔係乜野啊?! :p
1997-03-25 02:16:00

Philip Cheung Dear Pazu,Great! Great!! Great!!!I've listened your song of She-ra.....It's so great that I wanna go to buyinsurance..... ha... ha... just joking!Frankly speaking, you sing well, indeed! And I like/love your homepage verymuch that I visit it so ofen.Keep on!

哎o也! 你咁講係乜野意思先! ;p 信唔信我唱多幾首歌俾你聽丫拿! 不過鵬利買保險好啊, 因為有野送的!
1997-03-24 23:18:00